Information resources guide: Media Library

What is the Media Library?

The Media Library is the area where we keep the audiovisual collection, as well as other non-book materials in different formats.

The Library also provides a number of computers that can be used to consult this collection.

Additional information

You may access more information about the Media Library via the library website:

Accesing the Media Library

The Media Library can be used by:

  • Users with a UD Card: Students, Professors, Researchers or Staff
  • Holders of a current Friend of the Library card

Film collection

Our new film collection is now available in the Media Library. You may borrow up to 6 films for 7 days. To use the service just drop by the Reference room and request the films you'd like! You may also see the list of films in the collection by clicking on the link below.

Information about loans

You can request loan material from the Library’s audiovisual collection at the desk in the Reference Room.

Material can be loaned as follows:

  • Materials accompanying a book: until the book loan ends (this requires the concurrent loan of the book).
  • Rest of materials: for a maximum of 7 days.

Each user is allowed to borrow 6 items.

All material being used for consultation or borrowed must be returned to the desk in the Reference Room.


If a borrowed item becomes overdue, borrowing privileges for new loans of any library material will be suspended.

The penalty for the late return of items is 5 days of suspended borrowing privileges for each borrowed item and for each day overdue.

Loss or damage to an item will cause the suspension of borrowing privileges until the item is replaced, or a replacement copy is paid for.