Information resources guide: Databases

Databases subscribed by the Library

The Library subscribes to more than one hundred databases on a wide range of topics that cover the teaching areas of the University. To get to the list of databases you'll need to access Océano and click on the "Databases A-Z" link at the top of the page, or select one of the highlighted databases.

Most databases require a subscription, so in order to access them from off campus you'll need to use the Remote Access link.


When we need to perform a more specific search or focus it on a given scientific area, it is convenient to search on a specialized Database. To do so, the "A-Z Databases" section allows to locate Databases subscribed by the Library together with Open Access Databases, providing direct access to their search pages.

In order to do it, it is necessary to click on "A-Z Databases" button, located at the top of the page:

From the “A-Z Databases” page you may:

  • Search for databases
  • Go to the original databases interface
  • See New Databases and Highlighted Databases

The search may be performed by:

  1. Subject
  2. Type
  3. Alphabetical order
  4. Search box

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