Information resources guide: Doctoral Theses

How to look for doctoral theses in Océano

How to search for doctoral theses in the Library's Catalogue

In Océano, it's possible to search for doctoral theses in the Library's Catalogue, using the field Subject of the Advanced Search:

To do so, in the advanced search:

  • Select "Catalogue" from the "Search Scope" drop-down list
  • In the first search box enter “Tesis doctorales” between quotation marks and select “Subject” from the drop-down list
  • In the second search box enter a relevant keyword for the Thesis, and select "Subject" from the drop-down list

How to search in Océano databases containing doctoral theses

To find doctoral theses in Océano, we need to select and search the databases containing theses. We can do this by clicking on "A-Z Databases" and then, under "Todos los tipos", selecting "Tesis Doctorales" from the drop-down menu.

To access and search any of the databases individually, we can click on its title.

Both “Dissertations and Theses” and “TESEO”, among other databases, contain doctoral theses defended at University of Deusto:

Doctoral theses from University of Deusto

If you can't find the thesis you need from these resources, please enquire about it by filling this form:

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