Océano Discovery Library (English): Catalogue

Deusto University Library's Catalogue

Deusto University Library, founded in 1886, contains around 1.000.000 volumes in print and a great number of electronic resources.

The multidisciplinary bibliographic collection is mainly comprised of those subjects taught at the University, in Bilbao and San Sebastián Campuses.

Consulting the Catalogue in Océano

Océano allows us as well to run searches in the Library Catalogue. To refine a search in order to retrieve only records from the Catalogue, we may select "Catalogue" in the drop-down menu of the simple search:

In case of running general searches (selecting "Everything" in the drop-down menu), results from the Catalogue are easily recognisable as they show the text "Available at":

In a global search, we can get Catalogue's results by means of the following filters:

  • Show only: to retrieve solely books and journals in print we must select "Available in the library"
  • Library: to retrieve solely resources physically available in the Library of Bilbao Campus or the one in San Sebastian Campus we must select the preferred campus